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Delivery, payment, quality, size, care of the club's youth clothing Trip-O-Nation

1. Delivery & Payment
2. Sizes
3. Wholesale
4. The quality and care for our clothes

1. Delivery & Payment

Delivery across the world over is if the order is from 30 $ and above.

Payment occurs via bank card or  Western Union. The notes attached to the order let you convenient payment method!

More info:

2. Table of clothing sizes (cm) TRIP-O-NATION

Man's t-shirt S M L XL XXL XXXL
Chest girth, сm 104 108 112 118 126 130
Girth sleeve, сm 41 43 45 47 49 51
Length, сm 68 69 71 72 73 74
Sleeve, сm 29 30 30 30 30 31

Lady's t-shirt XS S M L
Chest girth, сm 87 89 91 93
Girth sleeve, сm 33 34 35 36
Length, сm 59 60 61 62
Sleeve, сm 15,5 16,5 16,5 17

Jacket with hood (JH) S M L XL XXL
Chest girth, сm 108 112 116 120 128
Girth sleeve, сm 36 38 40 42 44
Length, сm 70 72 74 76 80
Sleeve, сm 66 68 70 72 76

3. Wholesale

You can order our clothing wholesale. Minimum wholesale order - $ 500. To get the wholesale price list, please contact us on our mail:

4. The quality and care for our clothes

All of our designs are printed only by screen printing & glow in UV and DARK!

All T-shirts with short or long sleeves and "Ninja" T-shirts with long sleeves and a hood collection TRIP-O-NATION, sewn only from modern high quality thick, stretching (fitting) of tissue density of 200-210 grams. Composition: 95% cotton, 5% lycra or 100% cotton. All fabrics have a higher level of treatment, "Peña".
Jacket with a hood sewn of footer - tight cotton fleece. Composition: 80% cotton, 20% polyester.
All product collections Trip-O-Nation, Idols equipped brand-shield pockets.
For the youth club Fluro-fashion collection TRIP-O-NATION is only automatic "gentle wash" or hand wash, with water temperatures up to 30 degrees! (Washing, especially sweatshirts, preferably folded robe patterned inside).
On all products (other than pocket-Schield) inside the side, where the shield is marked with sufficient care, the product, the place of production!
Stroking our products only from the inside, or touching iron design! And more. Our clothes and even T-shirts are sewn on individual patterns, we do not regret fabric and accessories, we do not save you in the pursuit of quantity. We just sew as convenient and comfortable clothing only from a very good fabric! Who gladly wear themselves :) center/td

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