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05.09.2006  In the first time: Lady's FULL MOON PARTY

For the first time Lady's FULL MOON PARTY design was printed to many female calls by the limited circulation.


There is a first T-shirts release from the VERTIGO Records!!!

22.08.2006  The SIGN (Hooded jacket)

"End of ALL RESTRICTIONS zone" is a new hooded sweat jacket’s design from SHIVA Group.

21.08.2006  The SIGN

"End of ALL RESTRICTIONS zone" is a new design from SHIVA Group.

08.08.2006  "CHAOS TRIBE" - hooded sweat jackets

CHAOS TRIBE is a new hooded sweat jacket’s design of the Trip-O-Nation clan was hand made with reflected.
CHAOS TRIBE hooded sweat jackets have a high density cloth, the iron zipper fasteners and the reflected stitches edges.

17.07.2006  THE BOOM 2006 Festival tickets had been sold out!

The BOOM 2006 festival tickets had been sold out in Russia!
Attention! Dear friends, who has reserved tickets, but not redeemed please will do it till Friday, 21th of July 2006!!!

07.07.2006  NEW BOOM TICKETS!!!

04.07.2006  About new SHIVA GROUP design

Turtle's Diamond SUTRA
There are Lady’s Turtle's Diamond SUTRA T-shirts, Men’s Turtle's Diamond SUTRA T-shirts and Men’s Turtle's Diamond SUTRA hooded sweat jackets. Enjoy!

01.06.2006  INSOMNIA Records

There is a first T-shirts release from the INSOMNIA Records!
100% cotton!
100% fluoro weightlessness!
COOL! T-shirts are glow in the dark!

22.05.2006  Delivery in Moscow

Attentions please! The term of delivery of your order can be increased up to 3 days!

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