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11.01.2007  Lady's MAYA.2012

December, 2012. Regeneration of the terrestrial world.

09.01.2007  INSOMNIA Records : Lady's BLUE EVIL

Lady’s BLUE EVIL T-shirts design by INSOMNIA Records!


NAMASTE, our dear friends!
TRIP-O-NATION clan congratulates you and wishes good and interesting travels and bright impressions in 2007!!!
Attentions please, we leaves the open spaces of your planet December, 30, 20067 on our christmas vacation, so delivery of your orders again will be possible ONLY AFTER January, 8, 2008! Be vigilant!

17.12.2006   Lady’s T-shirt design from 1S.Project

There is a new Lady’s T- shirt design from 1S.Project. The T- shirts are grey and black colors!

02.12.2006  Attention please when you order the things!

Attention!! Please uses section the HELP !!
The HELP is the table of the sizes of Trip-O-Nation collection, characteristics and key rules of care!

21.11.2006  SPRING (Hooded Jacket)

SPRING hooded sweat jacket’s design is a new design from SHIVA Group.
All psy-people which set off the Spring should buy necessarily!!!!!
Khaki hooded sweat jackets go on sale!

18.10.2006  About DELIVERY!!!

For technical reasons within 10 days we shall carry out delivery only at the stations of the Moscow underground most convenient for you and at any time convenient for you!!!
We apologize for the delivered inconveniences!

02.10.2006  AUDIO ALIEN. Last in the Universe.

New design by TRIP-O-NATION:
AUDIO ALIEN. Last in the Universe.

19.09.2006  ONE TRIBE Collection

The new collection is submitted from ONE TRIBE
You can find Lady’s and Men’s designs and all things are equally steady against a lunar attraction and space gravitation. TRIP-O-NATION strongly recommends to apply on the trips by all real psycho-astronauts of the internal and nearest free space!

14.09.2006  ASTRAL MECHANIX hooded sweat jackets design

ASTRAL MECHANIX is a new hooded sweat jacket’s design from TRIP-O-NATION.

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